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Monday, 8 May 2017

Kapil Mishra to document FIR against AAP pioneers, challenges Arvind Kejriwal to challenge race against him

New Delhi: Sacked Aam Aadi party pioneer Kapil Mishra on Tuesday tested Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to leave as a MLA and challenge surveys against him.

"I have known Kejriwal throughout the previous 15 years and can accept his every single stride," Mishra stated, including that he realizes that he would be distant from everyone else in this battle against the AAP convenor, who has cash control and the support of many gathering pioneers, yet he won't retreat.

Mishra tossed an open test to challenge surveys against him from any of the Delhi Assembly body electorate.

He additionally attacked his one-time coach, saying today Arvind Kejriwal will deliver the Vidhan Sabha to demonstrate his purity, where he himself would be the denounced, judge and witness.

"I have learnt from you (Kejriwal), favor me, as I will document FIR against you," Mishra said while tending to the press.

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